Brerra Bell Sleeve Blouse
Σύνθεση: Βισκόζη, Ελαστίνη, Βαμβάκι..
Champagne Polka Dot Scrunchie
Λινι οργατζα. ..
Keepsake Necklace
Plastic wire is a total of 43'cm. Plastic, fabric, buttons, beads. ..
Painted  Grey and Purple Polka Dot Tote
Hand made Painted Polka Dots. 100% Canvas. Washable. ..
Skiathos Tobacco Case
100% Βαμβακι, Χανδρες, Δερμα..
Skopelos Tobacco Case
Κανβας, δερμα, χανδρες..
Twilight Glitter Polka Dot Scrunchie
Λινι οργαντζα...
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